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    Enterprise Introduction

          Fujian Southeast Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd was established in 1956, being one of the mainstay shipbuilding enterprises of Fujian Shipbuilding Industry Group Company. The shipyard is situated in Mawei natural harbor, covering an area of about 210,000 square meters. It has more than 3,000 staffs now including over 1300 empl0yees and more than 1800 outsourcing workers, among which professors specialized in vessel design and construction, have amounted to 300, involving 50 experienced engineers. 

         The shipyard has passed 1SO9001 & OHSA518001 system certification, obtained the British UKAS Quality Management System Certificate and held various modern facilities for ship building and repairing, including:

          a twenty-thousand-tones’ sliding berth with a 300T lifting crane which could support the launching of 20,000-ton-class vessel; 

          2 modernized indoor berths with the total area of 3,960 square meters; 

          5 outdoor berths with the total area of 14,000 square meters; 

          a hull workshop covering the area of 11,000 square meters; 

          a block building platform with the area of 6,000 square meters; 

          a restructured assembly-welding platform covering the area of 8,000 square meters; 

          a transverse paralleled launching facilities for various vessels within 100M and 5,000 tons; 

          an advanced assembly line for steel pre-treatment. 

          Besides, it also has a fixed dock, an out-fitting dock, 3 floating docks and a 200T pile for bollard pull test.  

          With the aim of “Quality First, Custom First” , shipyard develops, designs and builds multi-purpose offshore working vessels, platform supply vessels, marine rescue ships, subsea support vessels, product oil tankers, fishing vessels, container ships, cruise ships, passengers cargo ship, landing craft and fishery boats etc., which could meet the rules of the International Classification Societies such as ABS, DNV, LR, GL,CCS, NK, BV, IRS and have been exported to a number of countries and regions overseas. With its multi-variant design and rich functionality, our 59M multi-purpose working vessel has won high reputation in the global market and achieved orders of more than 150 shipsets, in which over 140 shipsets have been successfully delivered and put into usage until now. 65M 6000 BHP Anchor Handling Tug/Supply Vessel are capable of bearing cargo up to 600T and easily transferring various deck cargo and persons between ocean platforms and shores upon a deck area of 435㎡ and hauling power of 82t. Well equipped with methyl alcohol tank, 75M 3000×2 BHP Platform Supply Vessel has excellent maneuverability and station keeping by adopting twin rudder propellers and 2 transverse bow thrusters. With twin screw controllable pitch propeller, 78M 6120×2 BHP AH/Offshore Supply Vessel is a high power offshore vessel whose bollard pull could amount to 150T and capable of 24 hours/day continuous operations for 35 days at the minimum. With moon pool, 100t x10m deck crane and a landing platform for “Sikorsky S61” helicopter on board, 85M 6000BHP Subsea Support/Maintenance Vessel could perfectly support four point mooring system and automatic heeling system. In 2013, our first-built UT 755CD electric repulsed Platform Supply Vessel has been successfully delivered and put into usage with the advantages of high automation, excellent flexibility, short building period and easy maintenance. At present, the following serial vessels have realized the standardized and systemized production. 

          Relying on the increasingly perfect management system and product quality, Fujian Southeast Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd has become an important shipbuilding forces coming forth in the southeast coastline of China, firmly headed towards the strategic positioning of' “Not the Biggest, but the Best'” and continuously to achieve long-term commitment of the partners and enhance the core value of the win-win development. 


     Fujian Southeast Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd 's Introduction